Travel startup adds bizarre (and terrifying) dilapidated mental hospital as prank attraction!

Tiqets – the Netherlands’ fastest growing startup for two consecutive years, is known for skip-the-line smartphone access to some of the best attractions in the world.

In the travel industry, Tiqets is known for great customer service and connecting some of the world’s most popular venues to travelers. But now, as a brand-awareness social exercise, they’re sending customers to a place they really won’t want to go.

Through an “exclusive Halloween contract”, Tiqets has negotiated the rights to send willing customers on a midnight trip to SEVENOAKS ASYLUM AND CEMETERY, which is being billed as such:

  • Once an insane asylum notorious for patient mistreatment, occult occurrences, frequent suicides, and a sizable rat population, Tiqets is unlocking the gate to let customers in to wander the grounds, graveyard and abandoned building.
  • On this special occasion, ticket-holders will be able to walk deserted treatment rooms once run by the infamous Butcher of Block Street.
  • Surrounded by mold, puddles, and scorched walls, guests will be able to wade through broken glass, scurrying rats, discarded needles and medicine bottles, soiled sheets, lobotomy drills, and hazardous waste.
  • In the graveyard, guests can pass their torchlights along headstones and explore the ornamental gardens. Not all graves are marked, and recent seismic activity means some ‘shifting of contents’ means that it’s best to watch where you step!
  • Guests must travel to the site by themselves and wait for the caretaker to unlock the gate and let them in.

Want to play along with us? Please let us know (and note that neither Bates Medical Solutions nor Tiqets are in any way responsible for customer’s wellbeing (mental and/or physical) while on the premises).

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