Tiqets and the world heritage temple Enryaku-ji collaborate on a rare partnership

Tiqets.com, the leading global platform for cultural venues and attractions, headquartered in Amsterdam, celebrated a unique partnership at the Enryaku-ji temple near Kyoto today. It’s the first time that the monks of this world heritage site, which has been dubbed the “Vatican of the East” because of its historical and religious importance to Japanese Buddhism, commited to a partnership with an overseas company.

Enryak-uji has been at the core of Japanese Buddhism for more than 1200 years and many distinguished monks have been trained at Enryaku-ji. Until now, foreign visitors have found the temple difficult to access, but this collaboration will make that a problem of the past. With this partnership, Tiqets is truly fulfilling its mission to make culture more accessible to one of the most unique temples in the world.

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The CEO of Tiqets (pictured on the left), Luuc Elzinga, shared his gratitude towards the administration of the temple.

We want to thank the monks of Enryaku-ji for giving us the trust to respectfully welcome global visitors to their unique heritage site. We are looking to intensify our partnership over the years to come and foresee a successful future from this collaboration.

The monastery’s administrative monks thank Tiqets for their commitment to honoring the tradition of the temple and looking towards its future.

The sacred nature of the Enryaku-ji temple has been preserved for centuries. This is a unique collaboration with a foreign company, which has set itself apart by committing and deeply respecting the wishes of its partners. Therefore, we are honored to enter this partnership with Tiqets, which will allow us to take a step towards the future and share our heritage with the world.

The special partnership between this religious site and Tiqets will implement the company’s customer reach and ticketing technology, helping more foreign visitors discover and visit the temple than ever before. The monastery of Enryaku-ji holds a special place in Japanese culture and is ensured with the task of praying for the happiness and welfare of the Japanese people, including the nation’s emperor. Visitors regularly travel to the temple for spiritual contemplation and to pay respects to their ancestors. The temple has also historically held a position of defense and has had a force of highly-trained warrior monks at its disposal in times of need.

Thanks to the team in Japan, working from the Tiqets offices in Tokyo and Osaka since September 2018, Tiqets has been signing contracts with unique venues and fostering partnerships with cultural sites throughout the country. Tiqets is committed to its Japanese suppliers and is fully prepared to meet the challenges in this unique and exciting market. The ticketing platform looks forward to working closely with its diverse array of Japanese partners, ensuring a successful launch in the East Asian powerhouse.

The success Tiqets has had in Japan so far is exhilarating. Over 50 museums and attractions have already partnered with the company, with over 100 venues expected by the end of 2019. With the Olympic games coming up in 2020, Tiqets plans to help hundreds and thousands of people coming to Japan experience the local culture.  

As a company, Tiqets has experienced rapid growth from a young startup founded in 2014 to the seasoned scaleup it is today. It’s already helped over 9 million people access culture. Today, there are about 150 employees working for Tiqets in its various offices internationally.

This is not Tiqets’ first foray into Japanese partnerships. Back in September 2018, Tiqets signed a three-year deal with Veltra, the Japanese leader in the Tours and Activities sector,  integrating Tiqets’ mobile technology into their own platform.

About Tiqets

Tiqets mission is to make culture more accessible. Helping venues all around the world to increase visitor numbers, increase revenue and improve the quality of the visit. Tiqets’ award-winning technology is already used by over 1800 venues in over 40 countries.

The company was founded in 2014 in Amsterdam. Tiqets has offices in Amsterdam (HQ), Philadelphia, Bangkok, Paris, London, Barcelona, Rome, and Vienna. Tiqets is an award-winning global service (Tech5 Awards 2014, 2015, Ticketing Business of the Year Award 2018). More information can be found on tiqets.com.

For more information, please contact Marion Wolff (Head of Marketing Communication & Brand) marion@tiqets.com | +31 (0)6 24510808

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