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Tiqets offers commission-free, upgraded Booking Engine to support venues in their economic recovery

Amsterdam, 9 July, 2020 - Tiqets is offering their Booking Engine commission-free to museums and attractions to help them adapt to Coronavirus preventive measures. The newly upgraded technology includes features like timeslot-based booking and online reservations that can help venues who are strapped for resources reopen and recover fast.

Booking Engine
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Booking Engine

Museums and attractions that have been closed for months are facing a new challenge: how to comply with new government safety and hygiene measures and how to implement new timeslot-based, online reservations. To help venues recover as quickly and with as little investment as possible, Tiqets is offering their newly improved Booking Engine without any commission fees. 

The Tiqets Booking Engine is a full, white-label ticketing solution that can easily be embedded on a venue’s website. It has recently been updated with new options including time slot based-ticketing, dynamic pricing for off-peak days, and free reservations for members. These new features are designed based on feedback from museums and attractions on how to help visitors feel comfortable and confident when returning to culture.

We‘re always looking for new ways to help our partners offer a smooth ticketing experience for their customers - in their own language and with familiar payment and currency options. Now as museums and attractions are struggling to reopen and facing tough challenges in their economic recovery, we feel it is our responsibility to help them bounce back and offer customers a safe way to enjoy culture again. Tiqets’ strength is in our technology, specifically building out better self-service technology to make it easier to onboard to our platform and delivering the best possible safe customer experience.   Luuc Elzinga, President of Tiqets

The Tiqets Booking Engine allows visitors to museums’ and attractions’ websites to buy online tickets in their native language and using local payment options. This makes purchasing easy for both tourists and those now visiting museums and attractions in their hometowns. The refreshed Booking Engine also addresses the challenges of the current moment by offering the following new features: 

Capacity management

The Booking Engine allows venues to sell tickets online, implement time slot-based booking, and make sure that they’re compliant with new capacity regulations.

Revenue per customer optimisation

With the Booking Engine, venues can implement dynamic pricing, upsells, and off-peak offers.

Improved visitor communications

Venues can share regulations, hygiene measures, and possible closings in the booking process.

Easy membership card checkout: venues can enable members and annual card holders to visit for free, they’ll just have to select a time slot 

Contactless entrance

Venues can implement Tiqets' ScanApp technology by simply downloading the free ScanApp to start accepting barcoded admission tickets


The Booking Engine can be embedded on a venue’s website, and can be configured to match the style of their brand. Venues are able to manage capacity, time slots, and visitor communication without any heavy lifting from their staff. For smaller museums and attractions that do not necessarily have the resources to invest in web development for a post-pandemic world, the Booking Engine can make it possible for them to open their doors once it is safe to do so.

This Booking Engine video explains all the features and benefits of the Booking Engine, as well as how venues can reopen in a confident way without an expensive investment. The technology can be used without any commission charges, only payment processing fees, until the venue’s traffic returns to pre-pandemic rates. 

Venues that are interested can visit the Tiqets Booking Engine page to sign up.

About Tiqets

Tiqets’ mission is to make culture more accessible by making it easier for more people to discover more ways to culture. From the start in 2014, the company has connected millions of people to museums and attractions with instant, last-minute and mobile tickets. Tiqets works with both hidden gems and top museums and attractions all over the world.

The company is headquartered in Amsterdam and now employs 200+ people worldwide, including in Amsterdam (HQ) as well as Seattle, Las Vegas, Orlando, Philadelphia, London, Copenhagen, Paris, Barcelona, Rome, Vienna, Bangkok, Tokyo and Osaka. More information can be found on


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